Kettle Art is proud to present 'Hiraeth' featuring works by Richard Ross with special guest Jesse Sierra Hernandez. The exhibit opens on Thursday, August 25, 7:00 - 10:00PM, and runs through Saturday, September 17. Kettle Art is located at 2650-B Main Street in Deep Ellum.

What can be said about Richard Ross and his work that has not been said before... Genius? Prolific? Mystifying? Mythical? Collectable? These words, and many more, all ring true to countless art lovers throughout the DFW metroplex. "All I can tell you is that Kettle Art got extremely lucky that Spring day in 2006 when Richard walked in to drop off some work for an
open group show. During the install, four or five pieces sold before they even got up off the floor" recalls gallery owner Frank Campagna. '" had to call him to ask if he had more." To make a long story short, he did, and promptly delivered several additional pieces of his 'whimsical masterpieces' before the opening. In all, Richard Ross' works clearly resonate with those who see them, and these viewers can't help but be charmed.

*Richard L. Ross, Artist Statement:*

1.homesickness intense form of longing or nostalgia

As I come upon my 50th year as a traveler on the road to the store, I'm taking a moment to stop and remember some of the milestones along the way. I'll be hosting a reflective show of my art work, along with a very special guest Jesse Sierra Hernandez, who helped me on this journey 20 years ago while we were both working out of Fort Worth Artist and Co. and St. Mary's artist studios.

Richard L. Ross, Artist Bio:

Ross is a self-taught artist from Irving, Texas with a degree in history from the University of Dallas. He began forming his artistic voice in the atmosphere of the early hardcore punk scene of Dallas. During this time, he found glimpses of beauty in the chaos of specific moments, and the to question the grand narratives that had formed his life’s early foundations.

Jesse Sierra Hernandez, Artist Bio:

Jesse Sierra Hernandez, an accomplished Fort Worth artist, whose work ranges from smaller works on paper to large-scale oil paintings, representing a different theme from the artist’s collection.

Hernandez has struggled with a stutter ever since he was a child and began drawing and painting to serve as a voice that didn’t require speaking. This voice grew louder as he began oil painting in 1992 and started to pursue themes of the human form, religion and social observations within a museum setting. One of these themes resurfaces in his recent large oil painting “The Taking of Christ,” a powerful and emotional interpretation of Christ forcibly being removed by Roman guards. Inspired by his personal convictions, plus admiration for Baroque artists, Hernandez paints historical and religious figures with a modern twist—he dons soldiers with contemporary military uniforms. The use of dramatic lighting and emotion in this particular work is a nod to the Baroque master Caravaggio, one of his greatest inspirations. Hernandez’s overall style holds true to this period’s technique and refrains from overtly abstract themes that delve outside the lines. He chooses, conversely, to stay “Inside the Lines,”.

Hernandez was born and raised in Fort Worth. His work has been shown in over a dozen solo and group exhibitions, including Galeria de la Rosa’s En una Manera Silenciosa (2009). He initially received his education in commercial art and studied under illustrator Don Punchatz from 1991 to 1995. In additional to painting, Hernandez is a preparator for the Kimbell Art Museum, a position he has held since 2001. Prior to that, he served as curator and art director for Fort Worth’s Studio 4 gallery and 7th Street Gallery.

August 25 – September 8
Aug 25 at 7 PM to Sep 8 at 7 PM

(972) 834-6989
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